German Formula E team expresses interest in Vettel

A Formula E team has dropped hints suggesting that they are eyeing Sebastian Vettel for the upcoming championship season of the all-electric series.

This development arises as Robin Frijns departs from the ABT Cupra team, a German outfit that finished at the bottom of the latest Formula E championship.

When asked about Frijns’ departure, team boss Thomas Biermaier told “His future plans do not entirely align with our future plans.”

Regarding Frijns’ replacement, he added: “Perhaps we’ll consider someone in Switzerland. There is a racing driver based there who is dedicated to the environment and actively involved in sustainability efforts.”

De Vries had ample time in F1 – Alliot

Philippe Alliot, a former Formula 1 driver, believes Nyck de Vries had sufficient opportunities to showcase his talent in the sport.

While the general consensus in the paddock suggests Red Bull acted hastily in dismissing the 28-year-old Dutch rookie after just ten races with Alpha Tauri, Alliot holds a different view.

“You have to quickly make a strong impression,” remarked the 69-year-old Frenchman in an interview with Auto Hebdo.

Alliot added, “How a rookie comes into F1 says a lot about his personality. After that, it’s obvious that you compare a rookie with his teammate.”

“He doesn’t necessarily have to beat him from the start, but at least be comparable on a flying lap. And at no time was I impressed by a lap from the Dutch driver,” he continued.

According to Alliot, surviving in Formula 1 requires proving oneself early on, or else it becomes a futile endeavor, given the high stakes involved.

“To survive in F1, you have to tick that box before claiming more time to show what you can do in the race. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time – especially in a discipline as demanding as Formula 1, where the sporting and financial stakes are enormous.”

Alliot acknowledged that during his era in the 80s and 90s, rookies were usually given an entire season to acclimatize to the sport.

However, he believes the availability of simulators has significantly altered the landscape.

“The data you can collect means you can judge them more quickly than before. So I think six months is more than lenient these days,” he concluded.