Fuming Verstappen Clashes with Red Bull Engineers in Season Opener

Max Verstappen’s initial eruption in the 2024 season unfolded within a mere 10 minutes into the commencement of the Bahrain Grand Prix practice session.

During FP1 at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Thursday, Max Verstappen found himself engulfed in fury on the radio a mere ten minutes into the session, directing an impassioned tirade towards his race engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase.

Despite swiftly ascending to the summit of the timing charts within the first ten minutes of the session, the reigning world champion’s demeanor remained far from content. He vociferated, “Everything is s**t, like miles off.”

Subsequently, Verstappen ventured into the pit lane, where the Red Bull mechanics promptly adjusted the front wing angle in an attempt to confer a more stable ride upon the Dutchman.

However, this alteration failed to yield the desired outcome, prompting another outcry from Verstappen on the radio a mere ten minutes later. “Still very bad downshifts and upshifts,” Verstappen lamented. “The car is literally jumping.”