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From Drought to Perspective: Hamilton’s Inspiring Take on Winning Again.

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Lewis Hamilton remains resolute in the face of his recent drought in race victories, firmly believing that it’s only a matter of time before Mercedes emerges as a strong contender for triumphs and championship titles once again.

Throughout his illustrious career, Hamilton had triumphed in at least one race every season since his F1 debut back in 2007 with McLaren. With the team, he celebrated an impressive tally of 21 victories before his transition to Mercedes in 2013. Since then, he has added an astounding 82 Grand Prix wins to his remarkable record.

Nonetheless, the elusive taste of victory has eluded Hamilton since December 2021. The previous season proved to be a disappointment as technical issues with the W13 contributed to a subpar performance, allowing Red Bull and Ferrari to seize the upper hand.

Undeterred by this setback, Hamilton maintains his unwavering conviction that Mercedes will soon reclaim their rightful place among the frontrunners, demonstrating resilience and determination in his pursuit of future successes.

Red Bull has asserted its absolute dominance this season, with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez triumphing in every single race thus far. Aston Martin has also emerged as a formidable contender, while Ferrari’s performance has waned.

While Mercedes faced a less-than-ideal start to the season, strategic upgrades to the W14 showcased their mettle in Monaco, resulting in impressive performances in Barcelona and Montreal. Hamilton, displaying his exceptional skill, secured podium finishes in both races, proving that the team’s persistence and determination pay off when it matters most.

“We’ve gone through a tough patch, and we’re kind of like on the up,” he told the media in Montreal last week. “The last race and some of the races, it feels like we’ve had wins. It’s just about perspective.

“Of course we’ve not been in first place, but there have been many wins in the steps that we’ve taken,” he added. “For us as a team to be on the podium with both drivers [in Spain], that was a win for us.

“We’re just focused,” he continued. “We have that north star. We know where we need to go. We don’t know everything of how to get there, but we know that together we can get there if we just keep our heads down and focus on the science.”

“The engineering team is fantastic within the organisation,” he said. “We’ve got great development team. I honestly think we’ve got the best development rate, as good if not better than any team in the sport.

“You’ve just got to keep chipping away,” he insisted, adding that the 31-race drought since his last win hadn’t piled any pressure on his shoulders that wasn’t there already: “I don’t feel any weight.”

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Hamilton’s teammate, George Russell, clinched a well-deserved victory in the thrilling race held in Sao Paulo last November. Russell’s exceptional performance saw him triumph in both the sprint and the Grand Prix, with Hamilton showcasing his remarkable prowess by securing a close second-place finish.

As the Formula 1 calendar progresses, the upcoming race weekend will take place at Red Bull’s home circuit in Spielberg, Austria, promising a captivating battle between the top contenders.

However, it’s the next event that holds particular significance for Hamilton, as he eagerly anticipates his home turf at the renowned British Grand Prix, set to take place at Silverstone. Hamilton’s excitement is palpable as he prepares to compete on familiar grounds, where his passion and drive are certain to captivate fans and enthusiasts alike.

“I’m hoping by then we will hopefully have taken another step,” he said, adding that he hoped the performance the team had found in recent outings would carry forward. “We’re only like three tenths off [Red Bull],” he pointed out.

“Maybe that will be a race where we get to actually race them, but we’ll see.

“[In Spain] I was around three or four tenths off Max which was the closest I think we’ve ever been this year,” he explained. “So I’m really, really hopeful that we can.”