Formula 1 Raises Concerns Over Russian Connection of F1 Bidder

Formula 1 is reportedly “concerned” about a link between one of the prospective new team entrants for 2025-2026 and Russia.

Auto Motor und Sport believes the governing FIA could be set to give the green-light not only to Andretti-Cadillac but also the Formula 2 and F3 entrant Hitech.

Hitech boss Oliver Oakes has told Formula Scout that, if welcomed into F1, the outfit would remain in the two support categories as well.

But the F1 bid comes amid a 25 percent team sale to Kazakh mining billionaire Vladimir Kim.

“Hitech will always be doing what it’s doing (in F2 and F3),” said Oakes. “That’s always been the vision.”

However, earlier backing by axed Haas driver Nikita and his billionaire father Dmitry – both of whom were named in western anti-Russian sanctions – reportedly has F1 owner Liberty media “concerned”.

“Formula 1 is concerned that the old owner Dmitry Mazepin might still be behind the Kazakh financiers,” reports Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt.

“If there is even the slightest suspicion that Russian money could be involved, the FIA could also pull the plug,” he added.