FIA Intensifies Scrutiny on Bendable F1 Wings

The regulatory body of F1 is intensifying its focus on flexible wings.

The subject occasionally becomes a point of discussion in Formula 1, as teams could gain an aerodynamic edge by maximizing how much the wings flex under stress.

According to, the FIA believes that several teams might currently be exploiting these limits and has announced increased inspections on wing flexibility starting from the upcoming Singapore GP.

This move follows Technical Directive TD018, which teams were given before the recent Dutch GP.

“It now emerges that the regulators sounded the alarm at the Azerbaijan GP, asking teams to react,” reported journalist Bianca Garloff.

Garloff pointed out that one of the suspected teams is Aston Martin, speculating that this could shed light on the team’s impressive early performance in 2023 followed by a decline.

She also noted that the FIA still harbours doubts that some teams have developed flexible wings that elude detection by existing stress tests.

“From the Singapore GP, teams will be required to submit assembly drawings and cross-sections showing the attachment of the front wing panels to the nose and the rear wing panels to the endplates and rear impact structure,” she stated.