Ferrari Star Sainz Makes Shocking Pre-Contract Move with Audi

Carlos Sainz’s contract with Ferrari is set to expire at the close of 2024, and recent reports from Auto Action indicate that he has already inked a preliminary agreement with the Sauber team.

This alliance is anticipated to lead to the team’s entry into the Formula 1 grid under the banner of Audi Sauber by 2026.

The 28-year-old had earlier denied having made contact with Sauber. “I have never spoken to Audi,” said Sainz. “But you never know.”

Team principal Frederic Vasseur exhibits a measured approach toward contract discussions for the upcoming seasons.

“Introducing the issue of renewals now would be a distraction,” Vasseur said. “I told those responsible a couple of weeks ago already. The priority is that the drivers work together to develop the car.”

Sainz is diligently working to ensure all aspects are aligned in his endeavours after Ferrari’s reluctance to open contract talks.

The Spaniard in an interview at the recent Belgian Grand Prix stated: “I do prefer starting a season already knowing where I’m going to be the following year.”

He continued: “Because that takes away the distraction that there always is to be negotiating a new contract when you need to be fully focused on what you’re doing on track and on the work you have to do with the team you’re currently with.

“While it’s still early days and the end of the season is still some four months away, it’s true that once this championship will be over I’ll fully focus on sorting my future.

“The goal is to go into the 2024 championship without any worries about it and my contract for the future already signed and sealed.”

With the impending transformation into Audi Sauber, the present CEO of Sauber, Andreas Seidl, holds a strong inclination toward establishing the new team with Carlos Sainz at its core.

This inclination stems from their prior collaboration at McLaren, where they worked closely together.

As the German team prepares to join the grid as the 11th entrant, they are aiming to commence their journey on a high note. Enlisting the prowess of a prominent figure like Sainz is poised to create an immediate impact and leave a lasting impression from the very outset.