Fernando Alonso Fires Back: Shocking Consequences Await Rumor Mongers!

Fernando Alonso warned of “consequences” in response to rumors of him replacing Sergio Perez at Red Bull in 2024.

After the Mexico City Grand Prix, a Spanish journalist expressed disbelief over this rumor. Red Bull plans to retain Perez, and his recent setback in Mexico won’t change that.

Alonso, on a multi-year deal with Aston Martin, is unhappy about rumors of leaving the team where he’s achieved seven podiums.

“Paddock rumours are normal, but people out there just try to make fun of it and gain some followers and these kinds of things,” Alonso told the media.

“But I am not into that game.

“I am not enjoying the rumours because I appreciate that all of you are journalists, professional people who have been in Formula 1 for many years, and you gain your respect – and this is how it should be.

“The rumours are coming from people that are not in this room and just here to make fun and I think it is not funny when they play with anything.

“The thing that they are [questionning is my loyalty], but I will make sure that there are consequences.”

When asked to elaborate on what these potential consequences would be, Aston Martin’s press attache stepped in to prevent the two-time World Champion from providing an answer.