Fernando Alonso Denies Obstructing Hamilton at McLaren: “No-one heard my version.”

Two-time F1 champion, Fernando Alonso has firmly denied any intentional obstruction of Lewis Hamilton’s qualifying lap while they were teammates at McLaren in 2007.

Hamilton’s journey as a rookie saw him paired with Alonso, but what unfolded was a gripping tale of fierce rivalry between the two drivers.

Amidst their tenure together, the two drivers found it challenging to see eye-to-eye, and a potent rivalry simmered throughout the season, culminating in a tense showdown in Budapest.

Alonso, however, asserts that blocking Hamilton was never part of his strategy during their time together.

In a gripping qualifying session, Alonso incurred a penalty for a delay in the pits, leading to vocal complaints from Hamilton’s side of the garage.

Allegations of intentionally preventing Hamilton from completing a final lap stirred the air, but the Spanish driver has since come forward in an exclusive interview addressing the incident.

Speaking to the BBC, Alonso vehemently denied any deliberate blocking, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the event.

“No-one heard my version, or the truth, or the facts,” said the Spanish driver. “I said that I never hold anyone. They just gave me old tyres when it was qualifying.

“So there is the radio transcript, the decision from the stewards, where it is written that they put me a penalty on an article that didn’t exist. They just put the penalty but clarified it was not for any article, and things like that.

“And it was my team putting a protest against myself, which is the first time in the history of the sport. So when you put all these kinds of things and you don’t see the facts, obviously it is difficult to clarify some misunderstandings.”

Alonso’s actions drew speculations of his intentions to revenge, as earlier in the session, Hamilton had managed to overtake the Spaniard on the track, gaining a crucial advantage.

The intense rivalry between the former McLaren teammates ultimately cost them the coveted F1 championship, as Kimi Raikkonen seized the opportunity and clinched the title.