Albon’s Focus on 2024 Amid Mercedes Speculation

Alex Albon is squarely focused on the forthcoming Formula One season, as the Williams team’s driver is widely considered a potential successor to Sir Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes.

This speculation has gained momentum following the surprising announcement that the seven-time world champion will switch to Ferrari in 2025, sparking widespread debate about who will join George Russell at Mercedes.

 The team has emphasized their intention to take their time with this decision, noting the array of candidates under consideration, including the retired four-time champion Sebastian Vettel.

Albon has risen to prominence as a favourite for the position after delivering two commendable seasons with Williams, significantly contributing to the team’s ascent to seventh place in the 2023 standings.

Despite facing challenges during his tenure with Red Bull, where he found it difficult to keep pace with Max Verstappen, it’s recognized that Albon was promoted prematurely and has since matured into a much more formidable competitor.

During the unveiling of Williams’ new car for the 2024 season, the FW46, Albon shared his thoughts on being mentioned alongside the sport’s elite drivers.

‘It’s great. In some ways it’s confidence fulfilling to know that there’s talk but you’re doing you own job at the end of the day.

‘It’s true the “silly season” market has moved very, very early compared to normal and people have their building blocks in place already.

‘All eyes are on the end of this year really and at that point I’m excited to see where we are. We’ve got everything in place now to have a good car.’

In response to further inquiries about the rumors of his potential move, Albon added ‘When you take everything apart all that really matters is your performance that’s all that’s going to attract or not attract teams.

‘But I love working at this team, I love seeing what we’re doing, the progress. I want to see how big of a jump we make this year. There is a certain expectation that I have with the car to see how it does but time will tell.

‘Despite Lando [Norris] and Charles [Leclerc] signing up very early this year, there’s still a lot of time to make a decision.’