Ex-F1 Star Reveals Lewis Hamilton’s Doubts About Mercedes

Ralf Schumacher, a six-time race winner, points to a significant loss of faith in Mercedes as the driving force behind Lewis Hamilton’s decision to “run away” to Ferrari.

Despite signing a new multi-year contract with Mercedes just last summer, Hamilton shocked the Formula 1 world by activating a release clause to join Ferrari starting from the 2025 season.

With one final season left to navigate with Mercedes, Hamilton finds himself in a challenging position. The team and driver are still striving for their first podium finish, four rounds into the 2024 campaign.

Throughout this turbulent period, Hamilton has experienced a whirlwind of emotions, oscillating between the highest highs and the lowest lows within a single race weekend.

Schumacher contends that the seven-time World Champion no longer harbors confidence in Mercedes‘ ability to reclaim their former glory.

“[Hamilton has] run away for 2025 because he no longer believes in the team, Schumacher stated. “Mercedes has a problem at the moment. It’s a catastrophe what they’re doing at the moment.”

Hamilton has consistently reaffirmed his dedication to Mercedes for their partnership, despite the impending need to start considering the logistics of his transition to Ferrari.

As per reports, he stated: “I think it will start with a conversation with Toto because I don’t know how to navigate that. I don’t think I was at Mercedes until December [2012] when the first seat fitting was made after the season. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it this time.

“Right now, I want to finish on a high. All my energy is going into that. Of course, I’m looking forward to the future, but we’re currently in a difficult situation – and that’s my challenge. That’s where all my energy is going: to find out how we can get back to the top.

“How can I work with the boys? Can I give better debriefs? Can I give better direction? I’m a competitive guy first and foremost, so I want to win. Thinking about next year doesn’t help me with that.”

As the Chinese Grand Prix approaches, Mercedes finds themselves in fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship, holding only a one-point advantage over Aston Martin.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton’s point total of 10 places him in ninth position in the Drivers’ standings.