Ex-F1 Star Identifies Aston Martin AMR24 as Red Bull’s 2023 Upgrade

Ex-Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean has observed that Aston Martin has maintained a design approach reminiscent of Red Bull’s, with their latest AMR24 model drawing inspiration from the 2023 Red Bull RB19. Grosjean, however, holds no reservations about this strategy.

Under the leadership of Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin is aggressively investing to compete at the forefront of Formula 1.

This ambition was evident in their recruitment of Dan Fallows, a former Red Bull aerodynamics head, which naturally led to last season’s AMR23 mirroring aspects of Red Bull’s design ethos.

With the unveiling of the AMR24, Grosjean pointed out the continuation of Red Bull’s design influence, noting that the new car appears to build upon the successful RB19, a car that secured 21 out of 22 grand prix victories in 2023.

Aston Martin’s decision to emulate Red Bull’s successful design principles seemed to pay dividends last season, positioning them as a formidable contender early on, despite later challenges in keeping up with the rapid pace of development.

Grosjean, sharing his insights on his YouTube channel, anticipates that the AMR24 will serve as a strong foundation for Aston Martin, given its design cues taken from the RB19.

Grosjean said; “I think Aston Martin last year took a 2022 Red Bull and used a lot of the philosophy that was made on the Red Bull in 2022.”

“And I feel like the 2024 Aston Martin is an upgraded 2023 Red Bull. I mean, I don’t blame them. That was the fastest car last year.

“You can see the side pods on the side, you can see the front wing, you can see the small tiny air entry on the side pods, the rear wing.

“They’ve pushed their philosophy and what they did last year to the next level. As I say, they’ve very much used what was the fastest car in the paddock and upgraded it, so on paper, it should work well.

“It is an upgraded version of what they had last year, also with some inspiration from Red Bull, so why not do it, when Red Bull has been dominating so far?

“One thing that we noticed this year in the trend is the rear bodywork shape. It’s not the nicest in the world, but seems that pretty much every team has been running that shape at the back.”

For the F1 2024 season, a trend towards design uniformity is noticeable in the team liveries, with the use of exposed carbon in black for weight reduction becoming increasingly common.

However, Aston Martin has retained its iconic British Racing Green, which remains a standout feature on the AMR24. Grosjean considers this livery to be one of the best on the F1 2024 circuit.

He said; “Livery-wise, love it,  Beautiful green. Beautiful design. I think it’s one of the nicest cars out there.”

Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll will remain as Aston Martin’s driving duo for the F1 2024 season, marking their second consecutive year as teammates.