Elite F1 teams express concerns over McLaren’s ascent

Both Ferrari and Mercedes, among the frontrunners in Formula 1, are voicing their concerns, citing they are “worried” about McLaren’s swift progression.

Right now, Red Bull is reigning supreme in Formula 1, with Mercedes and Ferrari positioned behind, accumulating less than half of Red Bull’s points.

Although Aston Martin has solidified its fourth position with a commendable start to 2023, Lando Norris, having secured second at Suzuka, believes McLaren can surpass them.

“If it’s 49 points, then I definitely think we can,” said the Briton.

“Our current advantage over most teams is having two drivers who are consistently vying for these positions and securing points.”

As the season has unfolded, McLaren has been on the rise, especially with newcomer Oscar Piastri, who has been signed until 2026, showcasing consistent performances.

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes suggests that his team might need to glean insights from McLaren’s approach, which seems to emulate the successful blueprint of Red Bull.

“They have proven that it can be done, and we need to look at what they did,” said the seven time world champion. “The decisions we make now are crucial for our future path,” Hamilton added.

The 2023 season has mostly seen Red Bull on the top step, with an exception in Singapore where Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz seized the opportunity.

However, Ferrari seemed to lag behind both Red Bull and McLaren during the Japanese race.

When queried if Ferrari was feeling the pressure from McLaren’s ascension, Charles Leclerc responded: “Yes and no.

“This (Suzuka) was a track suited to their car characteristics, as was Silverstone. So let’s see,” he told Sky Italia.

“If they were to confirm their pace in Qatar then it would become worrying. It’s already a worry but we know that they are tracks where they are stronger.

“If it’s like that again in Qatar, then we will start to worry more seriously.”