Eddie Jordan’s Urgent Advice for Lando Norris

Eddie Jordan has issued a call to action for Lando Norris, urging him to exhibit “more fight” on the racetrack if he desires to clinch his elusive Formula 1 victory.

Following his third-place finish at the Australian Grand Prix, Norris surpassed Nick Heidfeld’s record for the most podiums without a win in F1 history.

Despite numerous podium finishes, Norris has yet to taste victory, with close calls in the past, such as his second-place finish behind Daniel Ricciardo at the Italian Grand Prix in 2021.

One of Norris’s most memorable opportunities arose in Russia, where he led a significant portion of the race only to lose the win to Lewis Hamilton due to a mistimed switch to intermediate tires.

In a recent installment of the Formula for Success podcast, Jordan delved into what Norris must prioritize to position himself as the next British world champion.

“He’s revered, isn’t he? He’s loved,” he stated. “He’s a good-looking boy. His parents are gorgeous people. He is everything that every father would want to have in their son.

“He’s a really good example, well-behaved, well-educated, and knows his place. I just want to see more fights there. I want to see more viciousness. Could he have won one of them 14 grands prix? He might have won one or two of them. I just want to see more action, real fight, real determination.

“When he gets that… remember what was the standout feature of Nigel Mansell? He believed he could beat anybody, anybody, and the fact is his talent was possibly in certain areas nowhere near as good as some of the guys he was beating because mentally his mind, no one could pass him and that was it.

“I just want to see more of that while belief and commitment, and passion in Lando. You could be surprised. We could be looking at another British world champion because he’s that good.”

Jordan cautioned Norris to “take care” of Oscar Piastri, who is displaying an enhanced performance in his sophomore season in Formula 1.

He added: “He also has to take care. He has to take care because Oscar is no slouch that’s for certain.” 

“I am super impressed how he’s started his second season because very often the second season in Formula 1 as you well know David [Coulthard, co-host] is a huge transition because you’ve got rid of going to the party and you’re now in the hardcore game. You’ve got to perform. Oscar is doing that.”