David Coulthard noticed a 2021 repetition of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s antics at the US GP.

When Max Verstappen caught Lewis Hamilton at the United States Grand Prix, David Coulthard anticipated a reoccurrence of their 2021 antics, but they avoided contact this time.

Max Verstappen’s victory in the United States Grand Prix brought him to the same number of victories in a single season (13) as Sebastian Vettel in 2013 and Michael Schumacher in 2004 with three races left this season.

Verstappen challenged Hamilton up the inside at Turn 12, with Hamilton appearing to attempt a late defensive jerk to the left before moving back right.

The Briton, however, did not give up and got his nose ahead into the next corner, only for Verstappen to hold firm.

Fans held their breath as they drove side by side, waiting to see if the antics of 2021 would be repeated, but there wasn’t any.

“I was watching it unfold and thinking, ‘they’re going to come together, they’re going to come together,’ because they did it so many times last year,” Coulthard told Channel 4.

“But Lewis is the benchmark, he’s an established multiple champion. Max is just adding to those championships right now.

“But I think the season is coming together, isn’t it?

“Okay, maybe Ferrari weren’t quite as strong as we could have expected in the race, but Mercedes have taken a step forward, and that sets us up for the last three grands prix.”

Hamilton acknowledged after the race that he was disappointed to have missed out on the victory.

But it was not to be, with the seven-time World Champion finishing five seconds after the Dutchman.

“It looked like all of the Mercedes supporters, the Lewis Hamilton supporters, they were dreaming, he’d done a faultless race,” Coulthard said.

“But the Verstappen factor came into play again.

“An uncharacteristic slow pit stop that will be reviewed and understood, and then Max makes the difference.”

“He was able to utilise the speed of his car, but then go wheel-to-wheel again with Lewis.”