Christian Horner’s Barbecue Snub: Half of F1 Stars Do Not Show Up.

According to, Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner recently extended a gracious invitation to the entire F1 grid, inviting them to a delightful barbecue hosted at his residence prior to the highly anticipated Silverstone race.

However, while the invitation was a generous gesture from Horner, not everyone from the racing fraternity had the opportunity to partake in this unique gathering.

Nonetheless, this exclusive event offered Horner a captivating insight into the intriguing conversations that unfolded between two rising stars of the sport, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Following a commanding victory by his star driver, Max Verstappen at the iconic Silverstone circuit, Christian Horner shared his sentiments.“You could see he enjoyed racing with Lando.”

“There’s a good respect between the two of them. He’s a racer. He enjoys racing.

“I had all the drivers for a barbecue at my house last night, and you could see, they go straight into talking about moments on-track.

“Their eyes light up about what happened here or there, or even in Formula 3 or karting. You see his eyes light up.”

When questioned about the attendance of all 20 drivers at the event, Horner replied: “No, no. About half the grid.”

Horner then offered his thoughts on Red Bull’s remarkable achievement of securing 11 consecutive Grand Prix victories marks a historic milestone, unmatched since the illustrious year of 1988.

“It’s an incredible record, McLaren 1988, with the McLaren-Honda, achieved those 11 victories with Senna and Prost,” said Horner.

“To think that we’ve matched that, that’s testimony to the hard work of the team, of the commitment, of the drivers, of reliability, of strategy. It’s hard to win a grand prix.

Red Bull’s Marko Holds Meeting with Lando Norris’ Manager.

“Winning 11 in a row is, and I think we’ve won, I think something, you’d have to do the maths, but it must be close to 19 of the last 20 or 18 of the last 19.

“It’s been a phenomenal run of success for us. I think it’s something, particularly here at Silverstone, our local circuit.

“The factory is only 15 miles up the road. We have so many employees living in the local area. To have achieved this result here is something the whole team can be immensely proud of.”