Christian Horner: Sebastian Vettel May Regret Watching Aston Martin’s Surging Success.

Christian Horner has implied that Sebastian Vettel might feel a pang of regret witnessing Aston Martin’s flourishing performance this season. When Vettel joined Aston Martin from Ferrari in 2021, the team was far from its current position on the grid.

The German driver finished 12th in both of his seasons with the Silverstone-based team before retiring at the end of last year. However, Aston Martin’s fortunes have dramatically changed since then, with Vettel’s successor, Fernando Alonso, reaping the benefits of their transformation.

Mike Krack, the team principal of Aston Martin, attributes their remarkable successes in 2023 to the invaluable contributions of Sebastian Vettel.

His presence and involvement have played a pivotal role in elevating the team’s performance and achievements. Under Vettel’s guidance and expertise, Aston Martin has experienced a significant boost, showcasing their potential and solidifying their position as a formidable contender in the world of Formula One.

“I think he has his merits in where the [AMR23] is today,” Krack told the media in Australia. “We had many, many meetings last year where he gave us a hint: do this, or do that, or do not do this with the new car, so I think he has his merits in here.”

With a remarkable track record this season, Spanish driver Fernando Alonso has consistently secured podium finishes, with only two exceptions. This outstanding performance has sparked speculation about Sebastian Vettel, who is six years younger than Alonso, and whether he may be experiencing regrets regarding his retirement decision.

Alonso’s impressive form has raised questions about what Vettel might be missing out on by stepping away from the sport.

Among those individuals is Christian Horner, who served as Sebastian Vettel’s former boss. Horner has expressed his belief that watching Aston Martin’s success would undoubtedly be a source of frustration for the ex-Red Bull driver.

The remark hints at the potential disappointment Vettel might experience witnessing the progress of his former team, especially considering his own history of achievements with Red Bull.

Sport Bild extensively quoted Horner as he shared his thoughts on the matter: “It must be frustrating for Seb to see how well the Aston Martin is doing this year.”

“He didn’t have an easy time there. But the truth is that without Seb Aston Martin wouldn’t be where they are this year. He has his share of the success. And he will still enjoy the time with his family.”

While Sebastian Vettel has consistently maintained that he holds no regrets regarding his decision, he openly acknowledged his longing for the exhilarating “competition and tension” that racing provides.

Despite his contentment with his current situation, Vettel’s admission sheds light on the undeniable allure of the high-stakes environment that he once thrived in as a Formula One driver.

“So far I’m doing very well with my decision. But what I miss most is the competition and the tension,” Vettel said. “I let myself be inspired, look at a lot, collect ideas.

“Let’s see what ends up being a project. Driving my old racing cars with e-fuels at Goodwood is one thing. Motorsport is my passion.

“It’s important to me to show that we can drive just as well and quickly with synthetic, i.e. CO2-neutral, fuel. And that already today synthetic fuels offer a solution to responsibly having fun. A lot of people just don’t know that yet.”