Calum Nicholas Weighs In on F1’s ‘GOAT’ Debate

max verstappen silverstone

The ‘GOAT’ debate, prevalent in various sports including Formula One, perpetually ignites fervent discussions. Fans passionately deliberate, comparing eras and accomplishments, seeking to anoint the greatest of all time.

Delving into an unending deliberation is conceivable, as the choice between iconic figures such as Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, and others remains a compelling conundrum.

While Max Verstappen’s impressive performance garners attention, Red Bull’s seasoned technician, Calum Nicholas, refrains from anointing him with the ‘GOAT’ title just yet.

Calum Nicholas, a veteran senior power unit assembly technician at Red Bull, has been an integral part of the team’s pit since his transition from Marussia in 2015.

The Red Bull technician has amassed a substantial online following, boasting over 150,000 enthusiasts on his Instagram account.

Confronted by the enduring question that often engrosses Formula 1 enthusiasts – the pursuit of the sport’s supreme driver throughout history – Nicholas adeptly steers through the inquiry, offering a well-rounded viewpoint that mirrors the intricate essence of this continual deliberation.

“It’s a tough one. In terms of just the passion and the soul, I think it would have to be Senna,” said Nicholas

“I think, more so than necessarily than the amount of titles he’d won or anything like that, I think just his belief and drive and something I think pretty much all the drivers have now is that we all think of Senna as this amazing character.

“He was a ruthless winner and there is so much to be admired about him, so I think it would have to be [him].”