Button suggests F1 should experiment with ‘stage points’ similar to NASCAR

In a couple of weeks, Jenson Button will be participating in the NASCAR Cup Series for the first time at COTA.

The former Formula One driver thinks that the stock car racing world has something to teach F1.

Button, who has won 15 Grand Prix races, will be driving RWR’s No. 15 Mobil 1 Ford Mustang in three races, including the one at COTA where he’ll be sharing the track with Kimi Raikkonen.

Despite being excited about this new adventure, Button is not participating just for the fun of it.

“When I throw myself into something, I am 100 percent in,” he said. “I’m not just doing it for fun in some one-off.

“I want to be competitive, and I know that to be competitive, it’s going to take a bit of time. That’s why doing these three races works very well this season.”

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When asked if there was anything Formula 1 could learn from NASCAR, Button provided an intriguing recommendation.

“I think the great thing about F1 is they are very open to changes and tickling it here,” he said.

“We have the sprint races, which I think work really well. Not everyone’s going to be happy when you change a sport that has been the same for so long. But I like that change.

“In NASCAR they have stage points through the race. That could make it interesting because it depends on when you pit for tyres.

“If you get points at certain points through the race, if it’s lap 20, lap 40 and the end of the race, it might change strategies around who knows? I don’t know if it would work.”

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Button is of the opinion that Formula 1, which is consistently becoming more popular and expanding, is presently in a favourable position. Nevertheless, he expressed his desire for the sport to move towards lighter cars.

“I think F1 is in a great place,” he added. “I enjoy the racing, the dream in F1 is that the cars are lighter, that’s always the dream, because I think as drivers, we like lightweight cars – he says, as he’s about to race a stock car!

“But I’m happy with where F1 is, as long as we’re ready to tickle things here and there if we think it’s necessary, and try it and not be afraid.”