Breaking America’s Racing Circuit: Coulthard Advocates For F1 To Add A Fourth US Race.

David Coulthard strongly advocates for Formula 1 to reconsider its plans from a decade ago and revive the idea of racing in New York.

At present, Formula 1 already has three races scheduled in the United States, with Las Vegas preparing for its debut in November, joining the existing races in Austin and Miami.

A decade ago, the sport had ambitious plans to organize a race in Weehawken, New Jersey, utilizing a street track that would offer a picturesque view of the Hudson River.

Unfortunately, this plan was thwarted due to a contractual dispute that arose, resulting in the cancellation of the event.

The 52-year-old is of the opinion that a race in New York would be an ideal location for Formula 1 to achieve success in the United States. He drove a 2012 Red Bull show car around portions of the proposed track in New York, giving him a unique perspective on the potential of a race in the city.

Speaking to AutoSports, the veteran Formula 1 driver remarked: “We tried to get a race in New York several years ago at Weehawken.”

“I remember running in one of the Red Bull show cars. I drove part of the section of track n the F1 car and it was unbelievable.

“Opposite Manhattan, there was a section that made Eau Rouge at Spa look like kids’ stuff. If they ever were able to reignite that plan right there, I think that would be the perfect place.”

According to Coulthard, the various races occurring in different cities around the world bring their own distinct character and atmosphere.

Each location adds its own flavour to the overall F1 experience, contributing to the excitement and allure of the sport. Coulthard’s perspective highlights the rich diversity and cultural significance that each race brings to the championship.

“I think we can go to four races in the future when you consider the land mass,” he said. “And that’s the utopian dream – to break America.

“They’ll all have their own flavour, they have to. State to state in America is very different, so race to race – each event has to reflect that.

“Austin is what we’re used to – a proper track, so we turn up and go racing. Miami is a bit of a hybrid track and Vegas is a playground for adults.

“Being in a city, rather than at a venue, the event will undoubtedly take over. And being a Saturday night race there’ll be a big buzz.”

Following the recently concluded Miami Grand Prix, the next stop for Formula 1 in the United States will be Austin, where the Circuit of the Americas awaits in October.

This highly anticipated event will be followed by another exciting race in Las Vegas just a month later. The American leg of the F1 calendar continues to captivate fans with back-to-back races in iconic locations, promising thrilling action on the track.