Bottas felt ‘nervous’ ahead of 130km bike event

Valtteri Bottas confessed he was “more nervous” at the onset of an amateur cycling competition on Sunday than when the five lights dim in Formula 1.

Ever since embarking on a relationship with professional Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, Bottas, the Finnish F1 star, has amplified his love for cycling.

Now and then, he takes part in cycling events. Yet, none were as significant as the 130-kilometre European gravel championships in Belgium this past Sunday.

“I am here thanks to my girlfriend,” the Alfa Romeo racer informed Sporza news agency.

“Because of her, I am very passionate about racing and gravel biking in particular. It has become an addiction,” Bottas continued.

“I am more nervous now than at an F1 race,” he grinned before the event’s start. “Because this is less routine. She starts 3 minutes before me. Maybe we can ride together.

“I’m here to get a ticket for the world cup in my age group,” Bottas expressed.

Yet, indications suggest that Bottas might have missed his mark, securing only the 187th spot in his age category.