‘Better Than Netflix’: Marko Reacts to Hamilton’s Ferrari Transfer

Lewis Hamilton‘s decision to join Ferrari in 2025 sent shockwaves through the Formula 1 community, marking what many call the most significant driver transfer in the sport’s history.

The seven-time world champion prepares to embark on his 12th and concluding season with Mercedes in 2024, he reflects on a tenure that saw him amass six world championships and 103 race wins.

Yet, the last two seasons have been underwhelming for both Hamilton and the Silver Arrows, with the team securing just a single win under the new aerodynamic regulations introduced in 2022—a victory achieved by his teammate George Russell at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

With Hamilton advancing in age, the move to Ferrari in 2025 represents a potentially final, momentous chapter.

The announcement has left many astounded, but what are the thoughts of Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Dr. Helmut Marko on Hamilton’s switch?

Speaking to Austrian news outlet 0e24, Marko said: “That took me completely by surprise, especially the timing.”

He regards it as a remarkable development in the sport, adding, “You wonder how it could have happened.”

“Mercedes was overtaken by Ferrari in the second half of the 2023 season and McLaren was also faster. Perhaps Hamilton has realized something that the outside world does not yet know.”

Marko believes that Hamilton’s departure will not impact Red Bull’s dominance but suggests it could weaken Mercedes and potentially alter Ferrari’s fortunes.

“It doesn’t change anything for us, but I do see it as a weakening for Mercedes,” said Marko.

“And whether it makes Ferrari stronger remains to be seen. Overall, it has an incredible effect, right down to the share prices. It’s great that something is happening.”

Despite the ongoing focus on Hamilton’s future with Ferrari, he still has a season ahead with Mercedes. This transition period presents challenges, as Marko pointed out, “Normally in such a situation you already think more about the new team,” Marko stated.

“The current team [Mercedes] can no longer involve him in major innovations to the car, because of course he would take it with him [to Ferrari]. For the sport it’s great, better than Netflix.”

Max Verstappen when asked about Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari stated: “if he is happy with that move, then he should go, you know. So I think it will look cool, and of course, I hope for them that it’s going to be a success, but you don’t know yet.

Hamilton’s impending switch to Ferrari has sent ripples through the Formula 1 driver market, setting the stage for a significant reshuffling as most drivers find their contracts drawing to a close by the end of the 2024 season.