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Bernie Ecclestone indicates that Red Bull’s cost-cap breach will ‘get worse’. 


The FIA will decide Red Bull’s punishment for a minor breach of the 2021 cost cap, and ex-F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone claims the breach will “get worse.”

In 2021, Red Bull and Mercedes delivered one of the most exciting seasons of Formula 1 action yet, with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battling for the Drivers’ Championship all the way to the season’s final lap.

It has since been revealed that Red Bull overspent in 2021, the first season in which the budget cap of $145 million was in effect.

Red Bull has committed a minor overspend violation, which amounts to up to 5% of the total value.

The FIA has not yet disclosed what response Red Bull will face, but previous comments from Formula One managing director Ross Brawn have emerged in which he warned that if a team broke the cost cap unlawfully, they would lose their title.

The FIA has given hints that Red Bull purposefully overspent, and the team has expressed surprise and disappointment at being ruled out of compliance, but Ecclestone believes Red Bull may be in for an even worse outcome.

“Will Red Bull lose the World Championship points in 2021? It will get worse! ” Ecclestone said as he spoke to Blick.

It’s questionable just how much Red Bull went over the cap, as 5% can cover anything up to $7.25 million.

Former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle has called this range “crazy,” urging the FIA to tighten it up.

“What seems crazy to me is that a minor breach can be up to five percent overspend on the cost cap at seven million,” Brunle said on Sky Sports F1’s ‘Any Driven Monday’. “We know that’s a massive upgrade on a car, maybe even a B-spec for some teams.”

“So that needs tightening up for starters, because what’s the point in having 140 million, whatever the number ends up being, and then having this five percent variance?”

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, overspending is overspending, no matter how big or small it is.Just like a crime is a crime. Cheating is cheating. I agree with Ross Brawn. Punishment should be loosing the Championship as per RULES. And as far I’m concerned Horner is a big liar, you should be ashamed.

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