Anticipation Builds as Hamilton Prepares to Wear Ferrari Red

Jenson Button, former McLaren teammate of Lewis Hamilton, has expressed his surprise and admiration for Hamilton’s decision to move to Ferrari at this stage in his career.

Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, signed a multi-year contract with Ferrari, set to begin in 2025, marking a significant change after spending 12 seasons with Mercedes.

Button, the 2009 world champion, partnered with Hamilton during the early years of Hamilton’s career, creating a British dream team for three seasons.

He commented on the magnitude of this move for Hamilton’s Formula 1 legacy, saying, “It’s a big deal making this change in your career when you’ve been at one team for so long, to suddenly jump into someone else’s team, it’s tough. So fair play to Lewis, it’s a toughie.”

Button acknowledged that spending 12 years with Mercedes, longer than most drivers spend in Formula 1, and achieving considerable success might have prompted Hamilton to seek something different and spice up his career.

He highlighted Hamilton’s willingness to embrace change and the excitement surrounding his move to Ferrari.

Button also noted that Hamilton’s decision was somewhat early, given that he won’t officially join Ferrari for another year, leaving the question of how it will impact his final season with Mercedes.

Hamilton’s move to Ferrari has created significant anticipation in the Formula 1 community, with many eager to see how he will perform in the iconic red team.