Andretti’s F1 Bid Fails; F1 Suggests 2028 Reapplication with GM Power Unit

Andretti’s entry into Formula 1 will not materialize following unsuccessful commercial negotiations.

The FIA, in October, disclosed that Andretti had successfully cleared the initial application phase as the sole prospective team, advancing their proposal to the next phase involving commercial discussions with Formula 1.

The prospect of Andretti joining the Formula 1 circuit received mixed responses from existing teams. Some expressed concerns over the revenue distribution, which would change from being split among 10 teams to 11. This was despite Andretti’s assertion that their entry could potentially increase the total revenue.

The Andretti proposal, which had the backing of General Motors and its Cadillac brand, included plans to develop a power unit conforming to the new 2026 regulations, with implementation slated for no earlier than 2028.

However, despite the robustness of the proposal led by Michael Andretti, Formula 1 has decided not to approve their application.

Although it doesn’t come as a surprise, the Formula 1 Group has officially declared their stance that Andretti has not demonstrated sufficient potential to enhance the value of the championship. Consequently, they have determined that Andretti’s application will not be approved.

Statement from the FOM: “We do not believe that the Applicant has shown that it would add value to the Championship. We would look differently on an application into the 2028 Championship with a GM power unit, either as a GM works team or as a GM customer team.”

The Formula 1 Group further elaborated: “We would look differently on an application for the entry of a team into the 2028 Championship with a GM power unit, either as a GM works team or as a GM customer team designing all allowable components in-house. In this case there would be additional factors to consider in respect of the value that the applicant would bring to the championship, in particular in respect of bringing a prestigious new OEM to the sport as a PU supplier.”