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Andretti Racing Team Hires Talent from Mercedes and Ferrari

Andretti Racing Team is gearing up for Formula 1 entry, making key hires from elite teams for their car development.

Andretti, having gained FIA approval, awaits Formula One Management’s decision amid mixed reactions from existing teams. Zak Brown of McLaren supports, while Toto Wolff of Mercedes opposes Andretti’s potential entry.

The collaboration with General Motors in 2023 reinforces Andretti’s F1 ambitions, planning the formation of the Andretti Cadillac team, with intentions to include at least one American driver, possibly Colton Herta. Behind-the-scenes efforts are in progress, including wind tunnel work on a car model and the establishment of a satellite base at Silverstone with 120 dedicated individuals driving Andretti’s ambitious entry into Formula 1, as reported by The Athletic.

According to Nick Chester, the recently appointed Technical Director at Andretti… “It’s a team that wants to do it properly and wants to win,”

“You don’t want to be anywhere that doesn’t have that ethos. As I started talking before, I joined, the resource behind it, the effort that was going to go behind it to make it win, just made it very, very attractive.

“We’ve had people joining from Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren. They all wanted a new challenge. It’s that real potential to shape departments which is very attractive.”