Alonso Praises Verstappen and Perez’s Racing Ethics, Singles Fisichella as Only True Friend.

In a documentary about Fernando Alonso’s career produced by DAZN, Alonso initially commented on his trust in certain current drivers, citing a photo with the Red Bull duo Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

“Friends on the track, few, really, but in this photo there are two drivers with whom I get along very well,” the Spaniard remarked, highlighting his rapport with the Red Bull drivers.

He praised both for their respectful racing styles, particularly noting Perez’s tough but fair approach.

“Both Max Verstappen and Checo [Sergio Perez], you can trust them on the track, as seen in Brazil, wheel to wheel, but Checo is a tough driver who fights with respect and with Verstappen too,” said Alonso.

Alonso reflected on Verstappen’s evolution from his more impulsive early days to becoming a cleaner and more mature driver further sharing some traits they have in common.

He revealed: “In his beginnings he was perhaps crazier and had some incidents and some little problems, but now he is a very clean driver on the track, and also off the track.

“I see myself a little reflected in him, we have similar things: we like competition, we like driving and that’s it, we like sport more than spectacle, we arrive at the circuit with team clothes, with a backpack, we race on Saturday and on Sunday and we take the backpack on Sunday and return home.”

“And if we have a little free time we go drive a four-wheeled vehicle, a kart or something like that, we like simple things and racing, and I like that about Max, who hasn’t changed after three World Championships.”

Fernando Alonso also disclosed that throughout his extensive Formula 1 career, only one fellow driver, Giancarlo Fisichella, has earned the title of “friend” in his eyes.

During their tenure at Renault, Alonso and Fisichella were teammates, with Fisichella playing a crucial role in Alonso’s journey to securing his two World Championships.

Despite having teamed up with 19 other drivers over his career, the current Aston Martin racer regards Fisichella as the sole individual he would consider a friend.

The bond between them was not only forged on the track but also through off-track activities, including card games and preseason trips to Kenya at Flavio Briatore’s invitation.

“Driving friends, I would say that I have a friendship with Fisichella, from those years at Renault. And it arose a little thanks to Flavio Briatore as well, those card games, those trips to Kenya to Flavio’s house to do the preseason… you need a boss who has that charisma, who unites the team. And I do have a bit of a friendship with Fisichella,” said the two-time world champion.

Alonso candidly shared his perspective on the nature of friendships within the racing world, noting, “Beyond Fisichella I can like someone or be great, But I wouldn’t go on a vacation with him, or go skiing, I wouldn’t make plans… so it’s difficult.”