Alain Prost Applauds Max Verstappen’s Straightforward Style in Formula 1

Alain Prost, a legend in the Formula 1 world with four championships to his name, has expressed admiration for Max Verstappen’s straightforward manner in the sport.

Verstappen, known for his frankness, was outspoken last year, critiquing aspects like the sprint race format and the elaborate pre-race events in Las Vegas.

During his journey to clinching his third Formula 1 championship, Verstappen showcased his dominance by securing victories in 19 of the 22 races held.

Prost commended the 26-year-old’s commitment to Formula 1 and his ability to remain focused without succumbing to distractions.

“I like him very much because he’s a little bit different in the way he thinks and speaks,” he shared with MotorSport Magazine.

“He remained concentrated on his performance and the pursuit of victory, even amidst the extravagance of Las Vegas. Whether people support him or not, it’s important to acknowledge that having a unique approach is not mandatory. It’s refreshing to see a driver of his caliber. His candidness about disliking sprint races and his disregard for the political aspects of the sport impress me,” Prost added.

In addition to his praise for Verstappen, Prost also had complimentary words for Fernando Alonso, who made a significant impact at Aston Martin in his debut season with the team.

After moving from Alpine, Alonso achieved eight podium finishes with the Silverstone-based team, a year following Prost’s departure from his advisory position at Alpine.

“He truly astounded me during his initial year with Alpine in 2021. His performance was impressive both on and off the track, especially in how he managed various aspects.

“I had reservations prior to his arrival, but he positively surprised me. He was a real asset to the team, steering clear of any controversies or political maneuvering. Without a doubt, his last season with Aston Martin was remarkable,” Prost acknowledged.