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Aggressive vs. Smart: Leclerc Reveals Verstappen and Hamilton’s Racing Styles!

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc recently shared his insights on the racing styles of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

According to Leclerc, Verstappen has an aggressive approach, pushing the limits of regulations and engaging in spectacular fights. On the other hand, Hamilton is regarded as smart, strategically positioning his car and planning simpler overtaking opportunities if the initial attempt fails.

Leclerc has had intense wheel-to-wheel battles with both drivers. In the Austrian Grand Prix last year, he overtook Verstappen three times on his way to victory, which was a significant change from their 2019 battle at the same circuit.

In contrast, Leclerc describes his fights with Hamilton as more composed, with the British driver praising Leclerc’s abilities during their encounters, such as at the British Grand Prix.

Overall, Leclerc acknowledges the distinct driving styles of Verstappen and Hamilton, making his experiences racing against them unique and challenging.

“Both have completely different driving styles,” he told Corriere dello Sport. “Max always goes to the limit of the regulation, I like his approach. He is aggressive and puts up spectacular fights.

“Lewis, on the other hand, is very smart. The way he positions the car around a bend, for example. He is less aggressive but he thinks more. If he doesn’t overtake you at one point it’s because he’s thinking of another, simpler one in which to attack.”

Leclerc, however, firmly maintains his belief that they can indeed challenge the dominance of Verstappen and Red Bull, citing historical precedents that demonstrate Verstappen’s vulnerability to defeat.

With unwavering determination, he remains convinced that with hard work, dedication, and strategic planning, they can find the winning formula to overcome the formidable Verstappen-Red Bull era.

Despite the staggering difference in wins between him and his rivals, Leclerc draws inspiration from past achievements, firmly asserting that beating Verstappen is an achievable goal within their grasp.

“He can be beaten, we have already done it. It’s up to us to roll up our sleeves to get him and Red Bull back,” Leclerc declared.

But, while battling Ferrari, the five-time grand prix winner has been linked to a move to Mercedes, with Leclerc considered to be the team’s top choice to succeed Hamilton when he inevitably retires.

Asked about that, Leclerc replied: “It certainly means that I do my job well. But these rumours leave me indifferent, because I know what I want.

“But I still don’t know what Ferrari wants from me. The contract discussions haven’t started yet, but for me everything is clear.”