Hamilton Advised to Embrace Subordinate Role in 2025 Ferrari Transition by Hans Joachim-Stuck

Lewis Hamilton is advised to adopt a more deferential role for his anticipated transition to Ferrari in the 2025 F1 season, according to ex-F1 racer Hans Joachim-Stuck.

Stuck suggests that Hamilton will encounter an entirely different challenge at Maranello. Following the extension of his contract with Mercedes for another two years last August, Hamilton surprised many by announcing his departure from Mercedes after the 2024 season to embark on a new journey with Ferrari under a multi-year agreement.

This decision marks the end of a remarkably successful era with Mercedes, during which Hamilton has made 332 Grand Prix starts, all powered by Mercedes engines.

Given the experiences of distinguished drivers like Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, who did not achieve their goal of restoring Ferrari to its former glory, Stuck is keen to observe how Hamilton will navigate the distinct and intense environment that characterizes Ferrari.

Stuck said to Eurosport: “Hamilton is a special personality. But whether he can cope with the Ferrari system, where everything works a little differently, is something I’m curious to see.

“Of course, Hamilton will have had this step rewarded with his salary, and he deserves it. But he now has to subordinate himself. He is certainly not used to that.”

When it was suggested that drivers who compete for Ferrari frequently attain legendary status, Stuck responded with a witty remark: “And even more so than if you became World Champion seven times somewhere else.

“But the Scuderia works differently to Red Bull or Mercedes. You’re not the big personality there that you can live out like in other racing teams.

“Hamilton has to be subordinate. Ferrari is in Italy. The press is completely different, they pick on every little thing, and there are no secrets. It will be a completely new experience for Hamilton.”

“Of course, Hamilton is on a particularly high level because he could beat Michael Schumacher’s record with a title with Ferrari.  Said Hans.

“That would be awesome. Records are there to be broken. If he wins his eighth title there, that would be a great story. But it’s a long way until then – and above all a difficult one.