According to James Allison, the W14 is “getting closer to perfection.”

In a recent interview with Auto Motor und Sport, James Allison, Mercedes’ highly respected Technical Director, conveyed his unwavering conviction in the team’s ability to vie for victories. Adopting an optimistic demeanor, he confidently declared that no barriers stand in their way of competing at the forefront of Formula 1, as long as they maintain an unwavering commitment to incessantly improving their car’s performance.

Allison’s resolute statement resonates with the team’s steadfast dedication to continual advancement. Acknowledging the ever-changing landscape of Formula 1, he emphasized the crucial role played by relentless development and innovation in preserving their competitive advantage. Through consistent refinement and augmentation of their car’s capabilities, he firmly holds the belief that Mercedes will be excellently positioned to mount challenges against their adversaries as the 2023 season unfolds on the track.

The Technical Director’s optimistic outlook serves as a testament to Mercedes’ relentless pursuit of excellence. Despite the ever-increasing competitiveness of Formula 1, Allison remains undeterred, displaying unwavering faith in the team’s ability to rise to the occasion and assert their dominance when it matters most. As the team sets their sights on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, their determination to push the boundaries of performance and continue their winning legacy remains stronger than ever.

“There’s no reason why it won’t happen this season, as long as we’re able to keep improving our car,” Allison said.

“The challenge is to do that and at the same time build up enough knowledge so that we can do it next season right from the start.”

Allison then revealed Mercedes has finally mastered the ride height issues of their car.

“Last year’s model was designed with the naive assumption that we could drive it as low as possible, then we found out that wasn’t possible.

“When we had to go higher, we were outside the range where the aerodynamics work optimally. As the season went on, we learned how to get more out of the car by going higher.

“This year, we have a better handle on how low we can go before we get into trouble.

“We’re not perfect there yet, but we’re getting closer to perfection,” Allison concluded.